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Lauren Elaine Sets Out To Conquer The World, One Step At A Time!

She’s The Beautiful Face of The New ECCO Campaign, But Lauren Elaine Isn’t Stopping There!

Being an actress is a full time job, especially when the economy is down and the competition is so fierce. Let’s keep that in mind for the rest of this story.

Being a model is a full time job, especially when the economy is down and the competition is so fierce. Let’s keep that in mind, with your kind permission as well, for the rest of this story.

Being a fashion designer is thankless job unless you’re a personal protege, lover, or relative of someone named Armani, Hilfiger, St. Lauren, Klein, or Lagerfeld. Now let’s add that to the part about being an actress, and sprinkle in the part about being a model, and you’ll come to the conclusion that anyone attempting any of these three professions is just out of his or her mind.
What happens, however, when someone wants to conquer not one, not two, but all three worlds? A complete lunatic, you say?
Well, not quite.
Lauren Elaine is an LA-based model whose talent could not be held back, and as she started booking more and more gigs, she started showing off her design talents, so the buzz got out about her. At the same time, the buzz about her acting abilities was getting pretty strong, too.
Sooner than anyone else could predict, Lauren Elaine was on top of the world.
There’s no “but then disaster struck” coming after that sentence.
This, my friends, is a success story.
Lauren Elaine is one of those rare breed of individuals who mix amazing looks with awesome creativity and even more impressive brains. We here at THE HEYMAN HUSTLE are predicting big things for the ECCO campaign uber-hottie, and all we ask is that you remember you found out about this extraordinarily gifted performer/designer right here on the Hustle!

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