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Throwback Thursday: Never B4 Seen Hustle Booty Treasures: Kendra Sunderland


When The Looking4Larry Agency (parent company to The Heyman Hustle) launches a #HustleBootyTempTats supermodel-centric campaign, we are sometimes overwhelmed by the task of choosing which photos, from which photo sets, make the final cut. “Going through all the photos is a daunting task in and of itself,” noted L4L and Hustle content editor AJ Abbas. “It’s when our world famous photographers shoot five different looks, each of them more spectacular than the other … and then one has to choose not only the best look for the campaign … but also the five or ten or fifteen best photos from the best look … and all these other magnificent, amazing, never-b4-seen photos are on the digital version of the cutting room floor … there are times I just want to scream out to the world, these photos are truly Hidden Treasures, and I wish everyone could see all of these beautiful images!

Presenting Throwback Thursday: Never B4 Seen Hustle Booty Treasures: Kendra Sunderland

The world’s sexiest (and most infamous) Library Girl has smashed traffic records on the Hustle with her EXCLUSIVE photo shoots, which you can see HERE HERE … and HERE!

For this EXCLUSIVE look at these never-before-seen photos of the sensational Kendra Sunderland, we tag in world renowned supermodel photographer Mike Cohen (whose super sexy Instagram can be checked out HERE) and his magnificent collaboration with #HustleBootyTempTats and Yeezy supermodel Kendra Sunderland.

Don’t forget to check out Kendra’s very own personal Instagram and please be prepared to spend considerable time … um … “reviewing” every post.

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