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Pssssst … Grab a Weekend Quickie with Jenny Poussin!

The Extreme Fitness Model With The World’s Hottest Name Is Ready For You!

Jenny Poussin has a name straight out of a James Bond movie, doesn’t she? The Montreal native is an Extreme Fitness Model whose insanely hot pictures have been featured on the pages of THE HEYMAN HUSTLE in stories like the one which has HOT PHOTOS OF JENNY WITH CHARLIE SHEEN’S ALMOST-GODDESS CAPRI ANDERSON, or the one that features JENNY IN THE MOST SEXUALLY AMAZING SCHOOL GIRL OUTFIT IN HISTORY!

We’re big fans, if you can’t tell. And who could blame us?

Anyone who has ever seen Jenny’s RAGING HOT BIKINI PHOTOS or the special photo section devoted to provide a SUPER SEXY DISTRACTION FROM THE SUPER BOWL can attest to the fact this is one hot fitness chick!

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