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“La Sociedad de Juliette” Presents The Sasha Grey Edition of The Weekend Media Watch

50 Shades of Sasha!

Who better to enter the genre of Erotic Novels than Sasha Grey? The uninhibited former porn star has decided to show her own 50 Shades of Grey by releasing a book in multiple languages named The Juliette Society, which puts us in the shoes of Sasha’s alter-ego Catherine. The sexually curious young woman discovers the existence of an exclusive club where powerful people meet. All of them have one common theme. They yearn to explore the darker side of their sexual fantasies. Catherine plunges into a world where sexual pleasure is not only the  goal but the rule. We learn how this enables her to grow, but also almost destroys what is important to her at the same time. One has to wonder if Sasha ends up selling the film right, if she’d star in the film.

Now THAT would be quite the Hustle!

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