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Reby Sky Shakes It … Up!

HUSTLE EXCLUSIVE …  The NFL’s Hottest Fan Helps Dragon Gate USA Kick Off A Brand New Concept!

Last time we Hustlers all got together, DRAGON GATE USA WAS HEADING INTO A THREE-SHOW WEEKEND, and it was time to shake things up.
So did the plan work? As STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN would say “Ohhhhhh Hell Yeah!!!”  Um, did I mention yet that already has replays available anytime on demand of “United: NYC” and “United: Philly”?
Cheap, but hopefully profitable plug.
Some things went wrong, but a lot of things were beyond expectations. I can sit here and write all day about the new champions, the great matches, the storylines and what a fun and thrilling time I had writing and producing these shows. Instead, I’ll just focus on all the talent that saw their stock skyrocket with incredible weekends.
It starts with the red hot, buzzworthy trio of Ronin consisting of Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano & Rich Swann. They became our top babyfaces by having an incredible in ring weekend and developing their entertaining characters.
Akira Tozawa broke out on a Tajiri level of crowd interaction while putting on three incredible matches. He CONNECTED with the audience on all three nights.
Ricochet and Brodie Lee have both returned from Japan as bonifide Dragon Gate stars. They both have a new swagger.
PAC is not human. He proved why I call him a “franchise player” by doing things no one else in the world can. The tag match at “United: Philly” with PAC and the speedster Masato Yoshino vs. Ricochet and the hard-hitting Naruki Doi was my favorite of the three-day Open The United Gate Title tournament.
Then there is Reby Sky.
Ah, always great to write about Reby, because her pictures are guaranteed to spike interest in a story.
In my last blog (which is linked above, but here’s a quick reminder: CLICK HERE),  I wrote about “zig zagging.”  Reby added a whole new dimension to the weekend, and gave the cards a completely fresh feel. She grabbed attention and not just by her smokin’ hot looks, but by being completely natural in her role and showing veteran like instincts. This is what she was born to do.
Much to my jealousy, Lucha Libre USA has a treasure.
We were very fortunate and thankful to have Reby Sky in DGUSA last weekend. With a talent like that, we were able to shake things up.
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Gabe Sapolsky is the co-founder and lead writer for Dragon Gate USA, and wrote this article on the condition of DGUSA’s upcoming shows getting mentioned here on the Hustle. Based on our desire for more Reby Sky photos, we’re hereby informing you that on April 1st, DGUSA will be in Burlington, NC at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium … April 2nd at the Presidential Ballroom in Atlanta, GA … another show at the Presidential Ballroom on April 3rd at Noon … and yes, those are WrestleMania weekend shows …  Tickets for all three events now on sale at or by calling 267-519-9744.