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A Happy Hustle Booty Temp Tat Birthday To UK Sensation Nina Evans

She’s the Katy Perry look-a-like that has taken the #HustleBootyTempTats phenomenon across the pond. We find that very funny, because while the rear view is truly spectacular, she’s primarily known for her truly spectacular …

… well, how do we say this gracefully?

Um, let’s try this one on for size … Nina Evans is a Katy Perry look-a-like, and we here at THE HEYMAN HUSTLE think she’s even prettier than Katy. We would also like to add (here it comes) that Nina is what Katy would look like if she were uber-busty. Now, there’s a bunch of you out there saying “but KATY PERRY IS SENSATIONALLY BUSTY!” and you’d be right in saying so. Which makes us like to point out just why Nina Evans is so damn popular in the UK and abroad. If you have purchased her recent calendar, you obviously know what we’re talking about!

CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW NINA EVANS ON TWITTER (and get info on her sizzling hot calendar)!


So, on this very night, on these very pages, we’d like to go out of our way to extend a very happy birthday to the uber-busty Brit Babe whose #HustleBootyTempTats photos are so outrageously spectacular, they almost make us forget the all natural non-enhanced wonders that have made this young starlet such a success in the UK.

Hey, we said “almost!”

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