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Miss Laura Michelle Prestin Presents The Hollywood Charlie Media Watch For Tuesday, July 13, 2010

She’s The World’s Hottest Calendar Model, and Quite Possibly The Single Greatest Reason To Love Canada. Ladies and Gentlemen, Prepare Your Libido For Hustle Hottie Miss Laura Michelle Prestin!

We first introduced this spectacular beauty to our Hustlers on June 10th, when we posted a story and perhaps THE SEXIEST PHOTO GALLERY EVER POSTED ON THE HEYMAN HUSTLE!
In the little more than a month since that story, Miss Prestin’s popularity has exploded! According to her agent (and longtime friend of the Hustle) MIKE ESTERMAN, Laura’s career has just been on fire.
She recently placed 1st in the WBFF Diva Bikini Pro Division Championship in Quebec to earn her PRO CARD and ranking #2 in Canada by Inside Fitness Magazine’s Hot & Fit 100. Her “Miss Prestin” calendar was chosen as one of the 50 sexiest calendars of 2010 by COED Magazine alongside Kim Kardashian, Holly Madison, and Katie Price.
Meanwhile, this uber-babe is no dummy. A graduate of McMaster University, the calendar girl and fitness trainer (where in the name of everything holy do we sign up?) has been making appearances everywhere, as she brings her high energy (and world class “I bet you can’t stop staring” looks) to every appearance.
“I know hot celebs,” the King of Celebrity Appearances Esterman exclusively told the Hustle, “and Miss Prestin is at hot as they come.”
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!
Those seeking much more about Miss Prestin (in other words, anyone with a pair of eyes) should take a deep breath and check out her website HERE