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The World’s Hottest Bikini Model Lynnie Marie Makes Her #HustleBootyTempTats Debut

EXCLUSIVE Photos by Mike Cohen!

She is the ultimate California blonde bombshell, the hottest bikini model in the world … and now, Lynnie Marie is a #HustleBootyTempTats supermodel! “Paul (Heyman … you know, our boss?) rarely warns me before a model walks into the room. It’s just become commonplace for the sexiest, most beautiful women in the world to show up when we’re shooting, in the hottest bikinis or the most alluring lingerie, camera-ready and eager to start working with us!” laughed the Hustle’s very own documentarian Ary Dalton, who collaborated with Lynnie Marie and world famous supermodel photographer Mike Cohen on this spectacular sunset shoot at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

“Before Lynnie Marie walked on set,” Ary noted, laughing literally out loud as he told the story, “Paul said you better take a deep breath. Lynnie Marie is extraordinary … she’s different … she’s going to take your breath away!”

Mike Cohen was stunned. “I’ve made my living for two decades photographing the most amazing women on the planet,” stated the UK-based lens man. “I can attest to the fact this is the first time I’ve ever done a double take. Saying Lynnie Marie is stunning just doesn’t describe her beauty. You find yourself just studying her when you meet her, and I think she’s gotten used to it. She needs to (get used to it), because it’s going to happen to her every time she meets someone. You simply cannot take your eyes off her!”

This is the tongue-tied reaction everyone has when they first meet Lynnie Marie. It’s how she became the world’s hottest bikini model in such a short period of time. “She seemingly came out of nowhere,” Mike gushed. “She started on Instagram, became an instant sensation, and then all the bikini and intimate apparel offers started pouring in. She’s as close to a true, literal overnight sensation as I’ve ever seen.”

So it was with great pride that our boss, “The Advocate” himself started warning the photographer (Mike) and videographer (Ary) and the rest of the crew to take a deep breath before Lynnie Marie walked on set. “Paul is a hype man, a natural born promoter,” Ary exclaimed. “… and everything he says about Lynnie Marie is prefaced with I promise you, I’m not exaggerating nor even embellishing. If anything, I’m underselling. Her presence speaks for itself. I can’t disagree with a word he says. The human eye just loves Lynnie Marie.”

“Yes, the human eye loves Lynnie Marie,” Paul himself noted. “… but the camera lusts after her!”



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