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Hustle Booty Temp Tats Sensation Jenny Poussin’s Sex Kitten Controversy

UNCENSORED HUSTLE GLOBAL EXCLUSIVE! Yes, we dare to post the photos deemed “too sexy for the Internet.” Considering what’s on the Internet these days, imagine what that statement means. We may be getting ourselves in big trouble here. But these photos are worth it!

If you’re a fan of deviantART (Where Art Meets Application), you’re obviously familiar with the work of #HustleBootyTempTats sensation Jenny Poussin, whose EXCLUSIVE photo sessions have sizzled the pages of the Hustle HEREHERE … and HERE!

Jenny’s recent posting of THESE TWO SIZZLING HOT UNCENSORED PHOTOS got so much response, deviantART moved the pictures to the front page. And then all Hell broke loose. Readers of the site debated as to whether the French Canadian Fitness Uber-Babe was posting self-exploitive sexy photos, or whether the professionally-shot photos were, indeed, “art.” Jenny is by far the most talked about member on the site, and she has been posting sexy “artsy” photos on there for quite some time. But no one was prepared for the full blown controversy when her photos were posted on the home page of the popular website.

So, even though it’s a Sunday, and it’s WrestleMania season, we bothered our boss, the Hustler De Tuti Hustlers Paul Heyman to weigh in on the uproar. No stranger to controversy himself, Paul pulled no punches. “From what I understand, the debate is whether the nature of the photographs constitutes sexuality or art,” Paul assessed. “Um … take a look at Jenny’s body. I don’t care what your taste is in women, that body is a work of art. Anyone who says otherwise has an agenda. The work she has put into looking like that deserves credit and consideration. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to sign up for an art class or two. Someone get me Professor Poussin’s phone number!”

Of course, we want YOUR opinion as well, as our HustleTweeters are already discussing the Jenny Poussin Sex Kitten Controversy. Please feel free to join the conversation by following us on twitter HERE or check out our interactive skills on Facebook HERE!