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The Media Screws Charlie Sheen’s Wildest Goddess … AGAIN!

The Global Media Jumped All Over The Sensational Headline of Charlie Sheen’s Hooker-License-Bearing Former Goddess Declaring Bankruptcy … and Every Single One of Them Got It ALL WRONG!

The media just loves a downward spiral. Ever since Courtney Roskop was exposed as CHARLIE SHEEN’S WILDEST PAY-FOR-PLAY GODDESS better known as Kacey Jordan, the media has harped on her suicide attempts, her ACTUAL LICENSE TO BE A HOOKER, and almost every move imaginable that could be twisted in a sensational headline. Of course, the real story is so much deeper than what the media portrays it to be, but why let the facts get in the way of a great story.

The global media this week went wild with the headlines about Charlie Sheen’s porn star Goddess for hire, describing her as “an ex-hooker” who has now filed for bankruptcy.

Had the media bothered to do a lick (no pun intended) of research, they would know Courtney has been touring American cities left and right, including a recent stint in Los Angeles (does someone who goes to BOA Steakhouse qualify as “broke” or “destitute”) and a two week “tour” of Chicago.

Had the media bothered to do any research whatsoever, they would see the list of expensive hotels Courtney has YELPed from. Had the media bothered to do any research at all, they’d see Courtney, who has openly discussed her drug addiction and her stints in rehab (not to mention her graphic descriptions of withdrawal symptons) shaved off all her hair last year, and has been wearing wigs ever since ala Britney Spears and her public meltdown.

Only Courtney Roskop’s meltdown won’t be public. Only the “easy” headlines will be picked up. A current touring pornstar-for-hire with multiple suicide attempts and a penchant for outing the truth on her Twitter account and her social media forums is not what the media is looking for.

A discussion about this troubled personality is too complicated. It doesn’t fit into a few paragraphs. It actually takes research, and compassion, and understanding, and documentation, and a frank discussion about a person who has cried out for help in the most public manner possible for her … a Twitter account followed by her fans … only to fall on deaf ears, for the headlines of “bankruptcy” and “Charlie Sheen’s Goddess” are much easier to write, much like a sound bite from a politician allegedly addresses the issues, when we all know the sound bites don’t even begin to explain the true positions of the politician, nor even try to explain the core issues the sound bite is supposed to address.

Just the other night, Courtney posted on Twitter a rant in which she said  ” … Tuesday night. my ex boyfriend stole 4,000 out of my purse out of spite in doing my job. i usually would give out his number via twitter… I have before and I had a lot of rage. Instead I was so hurt I had to see a doctor for I have never been betrayed so much in my life. yes it’s only 4k and infact I had I someone reach out to me just give me double what was stolen. So i’m thankful for that  … SO… now that i’ve recovered. i’ve decided to let Karma take it’s course. i slipped on sobriety for a day, then had personal help get me back on track. Made it to my court this morning, (Won) and back on pain killers to finally get back to my overflowing mailbox this evening …  if your wondering why I speak of pain killers as a good thing. they are. they stop my addiction of self destruction things like cocaine & alcohol or anything but. i’m an addict who found a better alternative in which for some reason helps me focus and lost my”crazy” no i’m not trying to justify. But after being so heart broken, and to realize who’s willing to step in and how many people who are ready to back me up, even you guys  … was just a breath of fresh air. I know how & y I deserve those people and my followers because, honesty and truly being a good person and not burning bridges. I was raised right and it really payed off… OK. So i’m back now… Thanks for letting me ramble and I hope it was better than a lil yelp check-in.”
Addressing these issues takes up too much space for the four-or-five sentences-per-story websites or the overseas tabloids who won’t take the time to look at how deep this story truly goes. Why be bothered? She’s a porn star. A hooker. A drug addict. A coke head. A celeb-banger who got paid for her play during the most infamous drug-and-hooker binge by a major superstar in the past few years.Yeah, who cares about the truth, no matter how inconvenient or uncomfortable it may be?
Porn star. Hooker. Drug Addict. Coke head. Celeb-banger-for-hire. They keep forgetting one thing. Human being. Or maybe the media has just been too busy reporting on the sensational facts, instead of the substantive ones, to notice.
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