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Check Out Bob Mulrenin’s EXCLUSIVE Photo Session with Brooke Adams

Insanely, Ridiculously, Indescribably Hot Brand Bikini Pics of The Girl Called Tessmacher!

Maybe it’s just us, but shouldn’t Brooke “Tessmacher” Adams be modeling #HustleBootyTempTats? The former Hooters Girl turned Sports Entertainment Uber-Babe certainly has a look that merits attention, and we’re more than happy to give her all the attention she craves! Don’t limit your participation to just drooling over these photos, join the conversation about Brooke, as we’re HustleTweeting right now, at this very moment, about the lovely young lass from Texas. You can feel free to drop in and have a blast by join by following the Hustle on Twitter HERE or check out our interactive skills on Facebook HERE!