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Exclusive #HustleBootyTempTats supermodel photos by Harry – LHGFX Photography!

In perhaps her sexiest bikini pictorial to date, #HustleBootyTempTats supermodel Ali Lee is slayin’ the competition on the cover of FHM Canada! Reporter James Kilpatrick takes a look at the amazing number of content creation projects Ali Lee is working on, and how this Fitness Fashionista has reached the top of the charts!

Model – @therealalilee
Written by James Kilpatrick
Exclusive Photos by @harrylhgfx
HMUA by @beautybymichellev
Executive Producer – @paulheyman

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#HustleBootyTempTats supermodel Ali Lee is this month’s cover feature, as the busiest sensation in the entire modeling world has captured the attention of a rapidly expanding global fan base with her 24/7/365 work ethic. In a span of only 24 hours, this spectacular beauty, known as “The Fitness Fashionista” shot the photos for this exclusive FHM cover story; did a fantastic campaign for her @boundlesssssssssss brand; and handled pre-production for her new #PeanutGalleryShow along with fellow #HustleBootyTempTats supermodel Jala Sue.

There are many who believe Ali Lee was born to be a globally trending sensation. As an artist and creator, the entrepreneurial young lady broke into the public eye at 18 years old, when she was recruited by a female pop band based in Atlanta. Ali relocated to Georgia to train and work with the best in the music industry, finding herself in an all-female pop group called “Blaze Blah.”

The rigors of training for fitness competitions, and all that was necessary to pursue a life as a musician and also world class supermodel finally paid off, as in almost-record-time, Ali because one of the most in-demand and sought-after fashion-forward fitness models in the world. “If you’re headline isn’t #HustleBootyTempTats Supermodel Ali Lee Confesses to Plotting Global Domination, then I respectfully suggest your headline is going to be misleading,” laughed Executive Producer Paul Heyman, who still co-owns the New York City-based Looking4Larry Agency, where he promotes the #HustleBootyTempTats supermodel brand; along with 2K Sports; EA Sports; the Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos; Monster Trucks; Reviver Entertainment Group; and NASCAR. And yes, it’s the same Paul Heyman who so famously advocated for former WWE and UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar and is currently appearing as “the wiseman” to WWE’s Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, box office king and WrestleMania main eventer, Roman Reigns.

“Indeed,” Heyman continued, “global domination may not accurately describe the level of passionate ambition Ali Lee brings to the table. She’s smart, she’s intelligent, she’s wickedly funny and her enthusiasm for creating content knows no bounds. That’s why she started a brand called, appropriately enough, @boundlesssssssssss!”

As Ali Lee continues to juggle multiple full-time careers, the entire world is undoubtably marveling at the magnificence of her beauty in this never-before-seen pictorial. Shot in 110-degree heat in the Arizona desert by noted fashion photographer Harry Grigsby, co-founder of the LHGFX photography group, Harry collaborated with Ali Lee and Paul Heyman to come up with this exquisite photo set.

“Take one look at Ali Lee’s awe-inspiring physique, and you’ll immediately realize she understands the concept of Go Hard or Go Home,” exclaimed Paul Heyman. “The universe has been put on notice. #HustleBootyTempTats supermodel Ali Lee is looking to take over, and nothing is going to stop her. Nothing, and no one. All we can do is watch with amazement and aspire to match her passion for life in any of our own pursuits!”

“And, besides all that,” Heyman chuckled. “As she’s working ‘round the block to become the most successful content creator of this generation, she’s just so damn wonderful to watch; to study; to look at, isn’t she?”

She sure is, Mr. Heyman.

Which is why we here at FHM are so infinitely proud of the fact that #HustleBootyTempTats supermodel Ali Lee is this month’s cover model!



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