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Exclusive #HustleBootyTempTats photos by Elm Diaz


#HustleBootyTempTats supermodel Sadie Nelson covers the August 2023 edition of Gmaro Magazine with a sensational, lingerie vibes photoshoot by #HBTT photographer Elm Diaz! Reporter Daniel Chaumont tells the world about Sadie’s rise to the top of the modeling industry.

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Sadie Nelson is this month’s GMARO cover model, and the modeling world may never be the same! The breathtaking California beauty, who was recently named the newest member of the #HustleBootyTempTats supermodel roster, is “the hottest fashionista in the United States, with a global fanbase that just can’t get enough of her fashion forward content.”

That may sound like a lot of hype, especially when you consider the quote comes from the legendary Paul Heyman, the multi-industry disruptor who serves as “wiseman” and “special counsel” to WWE’s biggest box office attraction and Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns. A marketing genius with few peers (he has been named one of the top 100 marketers in the world by the prestigious Advertising Age magazine), Heyman has been a creative powerhouse in the world of sports entertainment for decades. His pairing with Reigns has led to a resurgence in WWE, with Reigns as the absolute top superstar in the entire industry, and the two traveling the world to sold out, record-breaking box office gates and setting all new ratings records for WWE Smackdown, which airs Friday nights on FOX Network in the United States and is broadcast all over the globe. And while one would think Heyman would be satisfied with his disruption at the highest level of the sports entertainment genre, he’s looking at a takeover of the supermodel game in a manner that has caught top industry execs off guard.

“The modeling world lost its way and started becoming a cultural knockoff brand,” Heyman exclaimed in a recent interview. “Since the proverbial beginning of time, fashion has led the way. Whether it’s music; politics; sports; corporate aura; or determining who are the cool kids in school, it’s always judged and defined by what you wear, how you wear it, which way it hangs, leans or drapes; and if everyone else wants to look like you, or even more dramatically, whether everyone else wants to avoid looking like you!”

Heyman is co-founder of New York City’s “Looking4Larry Agency,” an award-winning firm that has done globally-trending campaigns for 2K Sports, NASCAR, iHeart Radio, Feld Entertainment, Monster Trucks, Rumble Gym, EA Sports and the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas. It’s from the platform of his L4L Agency that Heyman has decided to take on the giants in the modeling world.

Ary Dalton, a celebrated documentarian who has worked with Heyman for years, noted that the modeling industry is in a chaotic free-for-all following a series of moves that rocked the very foundation of the business to its core. “Sports Illustrated caved into the cancel culture’s demand that even a swimsuit magazine featuring the world’s most beautiful women now go all-inclusive,” Dalton noted in a recent discussion with the media. “And, at the very same time, the world’s biggest intimate apparel brand, Victoria’s Secret, started making the moves that led to them abandoning their most famous asset, their exclusive roster of the sexiest supermodels in the world who were so above the competition, they were bigger than supermodels, they were called Angels!”

Dalton said that Heyman saw the shift happening before anyone else. “Paul saw the earthquake happening under the feet of the industry,” Dalton told us. “He didn’t listen to the critics. He listened to the audience.”

The name of Heyman’s brand is #HustleBootyTempTats supermodels. “It’s a ridiculous name, isn’t it?” Heyman recently laughed. “But it flows. And it’s a conversation piece. It’s not there for a deep dive into the significance of the name. Who is Victoria? What is her secret? The swimsuit edition (of Sports Illustrated) illustrates exactly which genre of sports? About what in Paul Marciano’s empire am I supposed to Guess? If you’re contemplating the answer to these questions, you’ve totally lost the plot!”

With arguably the hottest model roster in the business already assembled, who would Heyman go after to increase awareness and visibility for his upstart #HustleBootyTempTats brand? After doing a ton of research, Heyman found the perfect addition.

Sadie Nelson.

A seductive beauty from a small town in California who started modeling at the age of eight years old, Sadie Nelson has become one of the most sought-after brand representatives and spokesmodels in the age of social media. Her recent fashion campaigns have all gone viral, and her ability to rock any look has magazines all over the world pitching her different concepts for cover features.

“It’s just simply her time,” stated Elm Diaz, the noted fashion photographer who has worked with the best-known models in the entire world. “Sadie is ready to become a household name!”

For this cover shoot, Heyman rented a $25,000,000 USD estate in Scottsdale, Arizona, where Sadie and Elm collaborated to create the exclusive beautiful images you see on these pages. “Sadie makes it all look so easy,” Elm told GMARO as we were going to print. “She’s an amazing beauty with fantastic, expressive eyes, and she can wear almost anything and make it look good. I’ve never seen a model so comfortable in her own skin. She’s one of a kind and shooting her is a total pleasure!”

To paraphrase a line from Heyman’s WWE past successes, Sadie Nelson is the “Next Big Thing” in the supermodel world. “Sadie is cute; she’s pretty; she’s sexy; she’s beautiful; she’s alluring; she’s gorgeous,” Heyman told GMARO. “But most of all, she has a quality about her, a certain look in her eye, that lets you know she’s also approachable. And that approachability factor is something you can’t find in sexy supermodels. Sadie is here to break the mold. She’s going to turn this industry upside down. I’m so proud to have her as a spotlighted member of the #HustleBootyTempTats supermodel roster!”

And we’re so happy to have her as this month’s GMARO cover model!



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